Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

So often we find ourselves held captive by the scale, avoiding the foods we love to eat or lamenting over a decadent meal. However, what’s far more meaningful, and far more forgiving, is our shape… our size as determined by the amount of fat we carry around.

As a society, we only see it as weight. Nobody will look a successful dieter in the face and say, “Wow! You sure lost a lot of fat!” Of course not. We associate the success with weight loss.

Under many programs, weight loss may only be half-good. Many draconian diets and processes will deplete lean muscle while reducing fat. Count on your fad diets to do this for you. Losing 20 pounds may only rid you of 10 pounds of fat. Worse, gain the 20 pounds back through unhealthy habits and none of it will replenish muscle. You’re in worse shape for dieting.

Imagine the significance of losing pure fat. See the picture to the right to visualize the volume of 5 pounds of fat in your body. Now, break down weight loss vs. fat loss and muscle preservation. Which sounds more appealing? We may have spent our dieting lives thinking we were only losing the yellowish lipiddy blob. But in reality, muscle-depleting diets ultimately encourage the body to make more fat! Stop the insanity!!!

“I can eat whatever I want and maintain my perfect size.”

Such words are only spoken by others, right? But can you imagine living your life with such confidence?! Well, stop imaging and simply start believing it. Declare it everyday, and take inspired action to make it so.

It’s true. Your body may not be in that state yet. But, your body can be taught to release fat just as it was taught to store it. Today’s technology plays a huge role in this reality. First, enter into a healthy Ketogenic diet that gives your pancreas a break. You know, that little organ that secretes insulin and turns your fat cells into space bags… give it a break, turn it off, and create an imbalance that drains your fat tank. Accelerate the process and retrain fat cells throughout your entire body with medical lasers. That’s right, modern technology can shrink your fat cells without surgery or pain. These devices, like the Zerona Laser, work on the subcutaneous fat. That’s the fat under the skin, and it’s inflating our clothing sizes. Well, keep deflating them and guess what happens… you get to wear smaller clothes!

Monitoring your fat weekly, even daily can keep you in check. No, you don’t have to give up the not-so-healthy foods, but you don’t want to make a habit of eating them. In fact, seeing how they effect you internally will help you make better decisions.

So, don’t stress over gaining 2 pounds after last night’s chocolate cake. The real tests are to see your resultant body fat percentage AND how to confirm that your little black dress still fits!