Growing Older, Looking Younger

It’s very easy not to notice how quickly time passes us by. Children go from diapers to bicycles to driving cars in what seems like a matter of months. When we see things like this, we think to ourselves – they can’t be driving yet because I’m not that much older! The truth is, we ARE that much older. Truvy Jones said it best when she said, “Honey, time marches on and sooner or later you realize it’s marching across your face!”(1)

Yes, Father Time and Mother Nature seem to tag team on our bodies more than our minds. Women begin to find their bodies don’t respond as quickly to diet and exercise. They begin noticing small lines and sagging skin. They begin comparing themselves to how they looked 10 years ago (which by the way WAS NOT in the 1990’s!) and they miss the youthful glow they once emanated. It may be a little known fact, but we see our reflections up to 55 times a day! In our youth, that was a blessing, a reminder of our beauty and confidence. As we age, we become our worst critic and tend to start noticing the imperfections.

Appearance is important to most women. We want to look our best whether we are at work, in the grocery store or an upscale restaurant. Of course, when we look our best, we certainly feel our best. “A survey conducted by London Guildhall University of 11,000 people showed that those who subjectively describe themselves as physically attractive earn more income than others who would describe themselves as less attractive.” (2) In other words, feeling beautiful can be more influential to your income than looking beautiful. Thing is, it sure was a lot easier to feel beautiful 10 years ago!

A woman may face an even harsher reality when she attempts to re-enter the dating scene. Statistically there are equal numbers of men as there are women aged 45 to 64 living alone. Yet, women have a much more difficult time finding dates than their male counterparts. Middle-aged men are looking for partners who are far younger than they are and have two pools to choose from: women their age and women one or two decades younger. OKTrends reports that a typical 42-year-old man will accept a woman up to 15 years younger, but only up to 3 years older.(3) Hollywood contributes to this reality as actors like Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford married women 25 and 22 years younger! Even the infamous Christian Grey was beguiled by an innocent woman 6 years younger, despite the older yet strikingly beautiful Mrs. Robinson’s best efforts to stymie the relationship!

As we approach 30, Mother Nature starts to strip vitalizing nutrients out of our skin. She then throws our body through a series of changes that affect weight, skin elasticity, and metabolism, among other things. Weight loss becomes harder and weight gain comes all too easy. Skin starts to sag and wrinkle, and we lose that youthful glow. Working out hurts more and is increasingly less effective in slimming our silhouette.

Luckily, some amazing spa treatments exist to address those threats head-on. Weekly Intraceuticals oxygen facials tremendously rejuvenate the skin by replenishing what Mother Nature’s been stripping away. Venus Freeze has become Hollywood’s favorite skin-tightening regimen (4),(5) because it helps keep sagging skin tight, and reduces cellulite & wrinkles. Even the sagging neck that adds years to your face can tighten up nicely to take those years off. Lastly, and maybe most importantly for some, non-invasive body slimming through Zerona spa treatments melt away the stubborn inches that won’t go away with various diet and exercise regimens.

Each of these wonderful spa treatments yields eye-popping results when combined with the proper protocol. What’s better, there are no surgical scars, the processes are pain-free and relaxing, there is no downtime, and the transformation effects are natural. With these fantastic results comes great confidence, a powerful tool every woman can use more of. Thank goodness Mother Nature gave women wills of steel, the will to make changes for the better and become their best.

Mother Nature, welcome to the 21st century and meet modern technology!