Lipo-Light San Antonio

You’ve tried dieting, exercise, and perhaps even some procedures to help you slim down. Congratulations! You’ve made great improvements and yet your vision of perfection just doesn’t appear in the mirror.

Your body has favorite places to store fat, and chances are they are the last places from which you lose fat. To get the results you want, you’ll need a focused treatment.

It’s time for Lipo-Light!

Lipo-Light uses non-invasive LED technology to release fat from fat cells. Although the process is scientifically similar to Zerona, the energy is delivered directly to the areas you want to focus on for targeted results. Specifically target problem areas such as:

  • abs
  • arms
  • back
  • hips
  • inner-thigh
  • neck

Lipo-Light brings new possibilities to non-invasive body contouring. Focusing on problem areas has typically had to be done with less-effective technology. However, the use of LED technology allows Lipo-Light to operate at the optimum wavelength for lipolysis (635nm). Delivering this energy with direct contact to the skin allows you to focus on problem areas that were otherwise out of reach

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What is Lip-Light?

PerfectBody is a unique combination of Lipo-Light, advanced detox & fat-burning, and Whole Body Vibration fitness to quickly reduce trouble spots and tone muscle. Lipo-Light uses LED technology to focus on and reduce those troubled pockets of fat that linger beyond diet and exercise. Try our Lipo-Light-based PerfectBody program to enjoy rapid sculpting and toning in just 24 days.

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