Re-resolution. I have to stop myself and think what that really means. The dictionary states a resolution is a decision or determination. So it follows that a re-resolution is making that decision or determination again. On New Year’s Day many of us make that cliché New Year’s Resolution – whether it be to make more money or lose weight, everyone has something they want to accomplish in the new year. As February draws to a close, I realize my goal for 2013 is still dangling out there. So on 1 March, I am making my 2013 re-resolution. Why am I doing that – why make the same decision again when I didn’t follow through with my resolution in the first place? My resolution was to lose 50 pounds in 2013. With over 15% of the year gone, I’m ashamed to say I’ve only accomplished 12% of my resolution. While I haven’t completely failed (I DO have 85% of the year left to accomplish the final 88% of my goal and fulfill my resolution) I certainly feel my momentum slowing. I’ve taken too many trips to Tomorrow Isle. Tomorrow I’ll start my diet. Tomorrow I’ll workout. Tomorrow comes and all I’ve done is plan another trip for tomorrow. So TODAY, I make my re-resolution to conquer that remaining 88%! I must get the ball rolling, spring into action, and take control! Champions know the way to win a game is to build momentum and focus on winning.

Forty pounds is a lot of fat. Health professionals say a reasonable dieter can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Is that all? Is that true? That’ll take me 20 weeks to reach my goal and well into swimsuit season! My re-resolution requires I zip past that stat. I need a stronger action plan, swimsuit season will be here before I know it – after all, it IS already March! Of course, a quick way to trim the fat is to have it all sucked out – liposuction. But along with that surgical invasive procedure, comes pain and time off work. My re-resolution did not include that! I’ve also heard the horror stories of liposuction patients later getting “fat” in other places of the body that still have fat cells – back, arms, etc. causing them to look almost disfigured. I need a way to dramatically slim down quickly (and painlessly) that’s not harmful to my health. I need ZIPFit!

ZIPFit combines a medical fat-reducing laser with a perfectly-engineered weight loss plan. Since fat cells can grow up to 1,000 times their original size, the Zerona laser plays a key role in the process by releasing fatty tissue from those overgrown fat cells. This process works wonders with the weight loss plan that rapidly metabolizes the released fat. The end results are dramatic results. At Zespa MedSpa, women have have lost up to 23 pounds, 21 inches, and as many as 4 dress sizes in one month! Now THAT sounds like the perfect action plan for my re-resolution. I want those results!!