The Hoarders Within

Are you harboring a hoarder and don’t even know it? Well, you may have a few billion of them, right under your skin! You guessed it – I am talking about the most famously hated connective tissue in our bodies, the fat cells. In all fairness, our fat cells are not completely evil. They do serve a purpose: they store energy, also known as lipids, as well as insulate and cushion the body. Yes, Mother Nature must have known we’d fall on our bottoms a few times during our lives! But as fat cells constantly procure lipids for a rainy day (which if you live in South Texas can be few and WAY far in between), that’s where the hoarding comes in. Fat cells store lipids for use as the body’s energy. The problem is that the body operates on a first come, first served basis.

This means our bodies will use energy that is delivered by the carbohydrates we eat for fuel, rather than call on the fat cells to release those stored lipids into our systems. Thus, our fat cells become innocuous hoarders of unwanted fat. With fitness on so many minds these days, it‘s become common knowledge that fat cells can bulk up to one-thousand times their normal size. Yes one-thousand times. 1000. Wow! It’s no wonder that obesity is based on body composition as opposed to body weight. While fat cells actually weigh tons less than muscle (pun intended), multiply that by 1000 and you begin to understand that the scale really isn’t lying. If you suspect your scale has been lying to you (like mine does), you are not alone. In 2009 nearly 66.8% of Texas adults were either overweight or obese.(1)

To make matters worse, the female physiology actually works against us as we approach menopause while fighting the battle of the bulge. It seems Mother Nature couldn’t resist pouring a little salt into the wound on this round. For most women, fat is more commonly stored in the hips, thighs and buttocks, depending on genetics, activity levels, etc. As we experience the hormonal changes of menopause, fat storage actually travels northward to our waists and bellies!2 I always wondered how it was possible that all those super slender female 80’s rock stars got a little thick around the middle, some more than others! The answer: Human Physiology. They didn’t just let themselves go after exiting the spotlight. They are simply victims of the hoarders within each one of us!

Luckily for our waistlines, this compulsive hoarding is treatable. Yes, our very own billions of fat cells can be trained to give up their obsessive ways! Mother Nature meet Zerona. Zerona provides laser-enhanced fat loss. This FDA-approved technology features a low-level laser operating at 635nm. Fat cells react to this precise wavelength by opening the cell wall and releasing lipids to be flushed out of the system naturally. After 2 twenty-minute exposures to the Zerona laser, the fat cells can continue releasing lipids for up to 24-48 hours. By following the proper protocol including mild exercise, sensible diet (sans caffeine and alcohol) and more than adequate hydration, results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks, or 6 Zerona treatments. Typically, the best results occur after 9 treatments, or a 3-week period. A nice side effect of the Zerona laser treatments is the systemic effect it has within our system. Much the same way rumors spread by word of mouth, fat cells communicate among themselves about this newly induced lipid release. This may cause fat cells throughout the body to begin releasing fat tissue, which can result in inch loss in the neck, arms and thighs even though those areas are not directly treated with the Zerona laser. Incidentally, the Zerona yields best results when it is focused on the “softest” parts of the body, which is usually the mid-section for women. However, the laser apparatus is completely customizable for any body shape and can be focused anywhere there is an ample concentration of fat cells.

The Zerona clinical trial reports that 35 subjects lost an average of 3.5 inches overall after two weeks of treatments every other day (a total of 6 treatments).3 From a more local angle, a San Antonio woman with a BMI of 25 lost more than 10 inches overall after just 9 treatments. Another woman recorded an overall loss of 17 inches also after 9 treatments. With no extreme and time consuming mandatory exercise, and no intense diet deprivation except limited caffeine and alcohol restrictions during the treatment period, these results are attainable for almost everyone. Anyone could do this, whether you just want your clothes to fit better or want a safe and comfortable way to lose a lot of inches that doesn’t involve pain or any kind of surgery or any pain. Did I mention the Zerona treatments are painless? Yes, during a 40-minute treatment one can catch up on e-mail, watch a movie, read, or even take a nap. Finally, an easy way to retrain those little hoarders in our bodies! Now, if only I could get Zerona to tackle my closet….

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