The Non-surgical Tummy Tuck

Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. It’s the first of the ten rules most of us are taught to follow in life. Specifically, it demands faith – directing us to avoid objecting to church beliefs, it demands hope – cautioning us about choosing despair and it demands charity – warning us about pride. While faith, hope and charity may mean different things to each one of us, I pray my own quest for that little black dress doesn’t violate Rule #1. Realistically, it’s not really a quest in the spirit of Arthurian legend, it’s the salvation so many women rave (or dream) about… it’s a tummy tuck!

Am I guilty of losing faith if I give up the traditional diet and exercise routines so many people swear by? After all, health and fitness has practically become a religion in America. Am I blaspheming if I put my faith in technology, particularly in the goddess-sounding Venus Freeze treatments that will give me that inner-goddess-infusing tummy tuck without the anesthesia, the knife, the price tag or the pain? Yes, a tummy tuck that involves absolutely no pain – non-invasive means no surgery, my skin is never punctured, which also means no scars. I can get a tummy tuck without needing any anesthesia, and I don’t have to miss work, or give up my favorite physical activity for several weeks. More importantly, it means I can get a tummy tuck without any pain! And yes, it also means I can get a tummy tuck without spending my life savings. Amen!

Does putting my faith in technology mean I’ve lost all hope in relying on my own willpower? Am I weak? No, I prefer to think I’m smart.

Some doctors and plastic surgeons have referred to Venus Freeze as a non-surgical tummy tuck.

Many patients who were contemplating a tummy tuck were happy enough with their Venus Freeze results to forgo surgery.

The non-invasive tummy tuck by Venus Freeze uses heat therapy and combines multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulses to stimulate restructuring of the skin’s damaged collagen. My non-invasive tummy tuck is the result of the Venus Freeze initiating lipolysis, the breakdown of lipids in the treated areas that get flushed out of the body through normal physiological processes. The Venus Freeze treatments are soothing and yield noticeable skin tightening, smoothing and circumferential reduction after the very first session.

Skin looks younger, tighter, smoother and healthier. The Venus Freeze results are cumulative. That means my tummy actually gets “tucked” a little more with each Venus Freeze treatment I receive. An added benefit is that with each treatment, my non-invasive tummy tuck also helps prevent the lumpiness and bumpiness seen after a surgically-invasive, painful and expensive tummy tuck. There is no loose skin to cut away with yet another surgery. The Venus Freeze treatments induce skin tightening in the treated area, in my case the tummy, improving the skin’s elasticity by triggering the body’s own self-repair mechanism. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ve got a free pass to eat and drink anything I want. My non-invasive tummy tuck requires lots of water intake (this helps flush out the fat!) and a sensible diet to maintain my results.

Hmm… would it be prideful of me to throw in some moderate exercise to get even lower numbers on that agonizing measuring tape? What about using that four-letter word – diet? No, I think my soul is fairly safe in this case. I’m not worshipping at the Venus Freeze altar.

I’m sitting back (and sometimes catching some zzz’s) and letting Venus Freeze give me that non-invasive tummy tuck that in the end may cause someone to worship me! Thank you Venus Freeze!