Venus Freeze is the next hot thing

Last week I tried something that’s so quick, so painless and so fabulous I’m heading back this afternoon for another treatment.

It’s called the Venus Freeze, and I have no idea why, since there’s no freezing involved. It’s actually heat that makes this work. Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you what we did and how it happened.

It all started with a chat about the Zerona fat-busting treatments Joanne Duff offers at her two Tecumseh Laser Centre locations. Next thing I knew, she was filling me in on the benefits of a new non-invasive treatment that’s getting rave reviews everywhere. The editors at Vogue and InStyle magazine love the Venus Freeze, and it’s been featured on The Doctors television show.

“Can’t wait,” I said, and a couple of days later I headed to TLC’s Riverside Drive East location. Kim Johns performed the procedure, which involves moving a hand-held device that uses magnetic pulse therapy and multi-polar radio wave frequency to raise the skin’s temperature to an optimal 39 to 41 degrees celsius.

All that sounds complicated, but trust me. It’s not. Nothing could be easier than this. The Venus Freeze can be used on any part of the body, but I chose to do my face and neck. Specifically, I asked Kim to concentrate on my upper lip, the puppet lines around my mouth and chin and my saggy, crinkly neck.

I had a few questions before we got started. “Will it hurt?” I asked anxiously, because it’s a well-known fact I’m the biggest chicken in the world. “No,” she said. “You’ll just feel some heat. It’s very relaxing.”

“Will I have to take my contact lenses out, remove my makeup and change into one of those spa smocks?

“Not necessary,” she said. “All you have to do is put on this headband and lie down. In fact, when we’re done you could go straight back to work or out to dinner if you wanted. You might be a little pink for an hour or so after, but that’s it. There’s no down time.”

I liked the way that sounded, including the part about going out to dinner. So I put on the headband, stretched out on the bed, adjusted the pillow and let Kim get to work. First, she applied a layer of glycerin to my face and neck to make the hand-held device move smoothly over my skin. Then she spent 12 1/2 minutes on each side of the face and another 10 minutes on my neck.

It was definitely hot. I won’t lie. But it wasn’t unbearable, and Kim adjusted the machine several times to adapt it to my comfort level. She was still able to keep the heat at a steady 39 celsius, which is necessary to cause “controlled thermal damage.”

That means the heat tricks the skin into thinking it’s been injured, so the body races to repair itself, generating increased collagen production. That tightens the skin, softens wrinkles and creates a plumper, fuller face.

When Kim was finished she wiped away the glycerin and applied an anti-aging cream that Joanne makes herself. It includes marine-based and bata-1 ingredients to stimulate tissue growth.

The verdict: Much to my surprise, I could see a difference after just one 35-minute treatment. My skin was tighter and plumper, and the wrinkles around my mouth were softened. My husband noticed it right away, and so did my esthetician when I got a facial two days later. Eight days after that I showed up to tape an episode of Houida and Friends at Cogeco and the girls said the improvement was obvious.

The price of beauty is never cheap, but this costs less than injections and fillers, and the results might convince some women to give up botox. It’s recommended you have a series of six facial treatments, at a cost of $1,800. That includes two free follow-up treatments, so by my math, that’s $225 a visit instead of $400. (I like doing math this way.)

For the body, it’s $1,200 for six treatments.

The company says you can expect to see continued improvement up to three months after your last session, and recommends one treatment a month to maintain results.

Here’s what’s really great about the Venus Freeze. It doesn’t hurt, it takes only 35 minutes and you have no down time. I highly recommend it, and that’s after just one visit.