Why is Ideal Protein “Your Last Diet”?

Most of us have been there. We gain weight. We decide to make a change. We lose weight, only to gain it back again. It’s a cycle that degrades our health because most diets have us lose both fat and muscle, but we only gain back the fat.


Fad diets typically have this effect, but Ideal Protein takes an uncommon approach that makes all the difference in the world.

We all know the common mantra… “carbs are bad”. Actually, that’s only true when you’re trying to lose fat. You see, even healthy carbs (fruit, juices, even some veggies) impede fat loss. Your body will burn off the consumed glucose before tapping your fat stores. So what about those “Protein Diets”? Sure they will get your body into ketosis (the state where your body burns its own fat for energy), but they’ll also have you consume more calories, fat, and cholesterol than you need… way more!

The key to losing fat is *not* to eat high amounts of protein. The key is to eat an adequate amount of protein (to protect your muscle mass) while minimizing carbs, calories, and fat. That’s the concept behind Ideal Protein and it works… every time.* Men tend to lose at a steady 5-7 pounds per week and women at 2-3, after the water weight dissipates. When combined with the Zerona body slimming medical laser weight loss accelerates and the fat loss focuses on the fat stores that inflate our clothing sizes.

Your typical fad diet ends with a celebration. You get to the end. Whether that ‘end’ be your goal weight or determined by the calendar, you may find yourself raising a toast (or some toast) to relieve yourself of the weeks or months of sacrifice. Well, it’s that very act of immediate celebration that restarts the cycle. Shocking your pancreas back into action with a jolt triggers rapid fat storage. (Your Ideal Protein coach will explain why.) What’s worse is that you’re now gaining back pure fat where most diets cause you to lose both fat and muscle. To be explicit about this; that’s not good.

Ideal Protein counters this effect in two ways. First, the program is designed to protect your muscle mass. In fact, its unique Body Composition Analysis monitoring keeps you in tune with the kind of weight you’re losing (fat or lean). Second, your diet coach will guide you through a phased approach to introduce healthy carbs back into your diet. Every carbohydrate gram attracts 3 grams of water. So, we expect some gain in lean mass (non-fat mass) at the end, but your coach will shoot you past your goal weight so your final weight is right where you want it to be.

The coaching process instills new habits, such as eating regularly throughout the day and food combinations to avoid in your life-after-diet. Following the guidance of our Ideal Protein coach will keep the pounds off for good, and keep you healthy, sexy, and unforgettable!